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what a busy summer

let’s see if i can take up blogging again this summer!

so much to do this summer:

  1. three classes, 9 credits.  1) foundations, 2) r/c (reinforced concrete), and 3) data management.
  2. paint the crocodile painting.
  3. make the ASCE UW website.
  4. study for the FE
  5. study for the GRE
  6. enviro research
  7. jam with christina on vienna teng’s gravity (lake version)
  8. run
  9. prepare to go to bolivia
  10. go to bolivia




i spoke chinese to a couple who asked me to take a picture of them on the steps of the columbia library. i usually walk away from these interesting encounters feeling rather pleased with myself, but wishing i had done better in my chinese, i.e. not said something untrue (i said that i was here for ‘work’ and not ‘research’ like the woman had originally guessed, and i didn’t correct myself). i had guessed that they were chinese because the woman had a ‘beijing 2008’ shirt, so that alright. i realized that mandarin wasn’t their native dialect, since they had an accent and spoke it rather slowly. they were nice. i felt like i should stay around and talk more. i should remember to do that next time.

i found more noodle seasonings in my dresser! yes! bonito fish flavor!

the simple things in life keep me happy.

it’s too much to worry about GRE’s already.