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what a busy summer

let’s see if i can take up blogging again this summer!

so much to do this summer:

  1. three classes, 9 credits.  1) foundations, 2) r/c (reinforced concrete), and 3) data management.
  2. paint the crocodile painting.
  3. make the ASCE UW website.
  4. study for the FE
  5. study for the GRE
  6. enviro research
  7. jam with christina on vienna teng’s gravity (lake version)
  8. run
  9. prepare to go to bolivia
  10. go to bolivia



first day of school… so tiring

i am “i feel like i just got off a plane” tired. weak, slightly nauseous… i’m thinking it’s a hangover from tea.

i really hope the annoying guy in my classes drops out of the major.

state of affairs

1. ah, screw cse! (was never fond of the course anyways…)

2. i’m sad that work won’t be the same without tim. i’ve only known him for two weeks (8 days), but i’m definitely going to miss him. he was so amiable. i walked with him to his bus stop and waited with him for a while. it reminded me how important it was just spend time enjoying the company of your friends.

3. i got two hugs today. both were awesome. the first one was from tim and the other one was from my dad ten minutes after the first one. my dad gives incredible hugs.

4. ess 101 lab = group work. not cool. god damn, i’ve been in engineering classes for too long, i forgot how exasperating the intelligences of regular people can be… so, i’ve given up on the notion of getting a 4.0 in that class. screw cse, screw ess… screw grades!

5. i have a serious dilemma with voter registration. the deadline is monday. about a month ago, i registered with one of those clipboard people, and nothing ever came of that (what’s the point of soliciting voter registration if you don’t see their registrations through??). so i have to go to the county elections office in renton and register *in person*. renton, argh. their office hours are very limited. i have to choose between missing our first chamber music club meeting on friday, missing my first ess extra-credit field trip on saturday, or missing an hour or so of work on monday, the day of the deadline. how close should i cut it? should i even bother at all? i really don’t believe that my vote is going to make a difference, but it would be a nice feeling to know that i took part in putting a better president in office.

seriously… why does last-minute registration have to be so difficult? i know that it’s my own fault that i procrastinated so much, but i honestly thought the clipboard papers would do something. whatever happened to the motor voter act, anyways? i was disappointed that they didn’t offer to register me to vote when i got my driver’s license. everyone should be defaulted the right to vote when they turn 18. i know that if i end up not voting, it won’t be because i didn’t want to, but because the system was too inflexible to accommodate a busy and procrastinating student. = (