i return to share some terribly NSFW pictures of women burned by acid

i guess these pictures made a pretty big impression on me…

terrorism that’s personal (12 images). NSFW pictures of women who have been burned by acid, mostly by boys that they rejected for marriage, some by familial disputes, and one by her father because he “didn’t want another girl in the family”.

Since 1994, a Pakistani activist who founded the Progressive Women’s Association (www.pwaisbd.org) to help such women “has documented 7,800 cases of women who were deliberately burned, scalded or subjected to acid attacks, just in the Islamabad area. In only 2 percent of those cases was anyone convicted.”

to the boys who were rejected by marriage: suck it up. seriously.


2 miles

so it turns out i’ve been (mostly) running two miles a day in the month of september. sweet! thanks, google maps.

first day of school… so tiring

i am “i feel like i just got off a plane” tired. weak, slightly nauseous… i’m thinking it’s a hangover from tea.

i really hope the annoying guy in my classes drops out of the major.

caffeine = bad for me

ugh, three (or was it four?) 12-oz cups of tea during work leaves me feeling slightly nauseous, and with quicker movements. sleep will not come easily tonight.

running hiatus

deciding to bleach my hair today (new patches to be expected), with the disruption to my showering schedule, i decided that i might take this week off from running. now, i may feel compelled to run as i do right now in the coming days, but i believe that my overwhelming laziness and aversion to sweat and exertion will win out. let’s see if i will lose muscle, weight, and appetite. consider this the last part of the summer 2009 exercise experiment.

in other news, i think i may have finished a piano piece today. now i’m going to download lilypond and try to write it out in real music notation.


couldn’t stay away from the running. started jogging after four days instead of seven.


i’m thinking about taking a rest day from my jogging tomorrow. my hamstrings have been feeling sore/strained, so maybe i need a “rest day”. maybe it was from the shoe-switching, or maybe it was because i didn’t eat a real breakfast, or because i didn’t drink enough water (which i never do). or maybe i’m pushing myself more than necessary. what’s the point, though? today, a guy passed me faster than i could have passed a snail, and i was discouraged about this dream of calling myself a runner. i’m no better than i ever was in middle and high school.

athletes only have rest days once a week, though. the rest of us mortals are only recommended to do cardio three times a week, a.k.a. every other day. sigh. i really wonder what it’s like to be an “elite runner”. is it just easier for them to be so fast, or is their willpower beyond my imagination?

the verdict

running in cushioned shoes is definitely harder than running in flat shoes. my legs were unusually tired today.

i might try running in converses tomorrow. x_x