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what a busy summer

let’s see if i can take up blogging again this summer!

so much to do this summer:

  1. three classes, 9 credits.  1) foundations, 2) r/c (reinforced concrete), and 3) data management.
  2. paint the crocodile painting.
  3. make the ASCE UW website.
  4. study for the FE
  5. study for the GRE
  6. enviro research
  7. jam with christina on vienna teng’s gravity (lake version)
  8. run
  9. prepare to go to bolivia
  10. go to bolivia



stuff is happening!

1. who knew 30 Seconds to Mars was such a good band? you can tell how much thought they put into their music just be listening to it the first time. i really like “hurricane.” i’ve learned it on the guitar already!

2. it looks like i’m going to start training for a half-marathon. i ran two miles for the first time in two months today. took a little break in the middle, but it wasn’t as bad as i expected. going nice and slow helped. = ]

3. my name is on a paper in ads! from the research i did at AMNH two summers ago:

4. music is fun. i got sidetracked from starting my environmental homework the day before it was due because i ran into a friend who had her guitar with her, so we played guitar and shared music until i had to go home.

cool music video

evan taubenfeld (avril lavigne’s ex-lead guitarist) solves a rubiks cube for the duration of one his music videos for boy meets girl.

so awesome. now i want get my hands on a rubiks cube and learn how to do it.

kansas city shuffle

kansas city shuffle, a song referenced in the awesome movie ‘lucky number slevin’. i really like the song! *bob bob bob bob*


meriwether. i like their song ‘aye julian’.

econ midterm tomorrow. this weekend: another round of math and cad homework. sucks. so glad i’m only taking cad for credit. i screwed up on the midterm today, not cool.

i think i’m good with kids. i don’t talk down to them. they think i’m cool. maybe they’re not as judgmental as i perceive my peers to be. or maybe i have self-confidence issues. it kills.

eye alaska and cynic guru

two bands i like that categorize themselves as progressive rock:

eye alaska. another mix of rock and hip-hop. i like “good to go” and “rocky road”.

cynic guru, an icelandic-american band. drugs and doom. they were mentioned in the quantum gravity series by justina robson.


just in time for my ME drawing quiz. seriously — first drawing quiz ever. my artist skills didn’t help much. i guess i’m more of a painter than a drawer.

had “i never knew you” by cage stuck in my head when i woke up and while i took the quiz. “the sky opened, god handed you directly to meee”.

took a nap on the quad in the afternoon. earlier, as i was going to econ, i saw a guy sleeping on the grass in front of the fountain, knee up against the wall, hood over his face. when i came back, he was still there.

sleeping in public feels very vulnerable. but it’s kind of nice to curl up on the grass, put your head on your backpack, and cover your eyes with your jacket. until the sun gets too hot and then you have to find new shade. i may have succeeded in slightly tanning my lower legs today.

went to a symphony concert of final fantasy. had to get away from school/home routine for a while. skipped out on the gym again. not sure if i’m physically improving, though. i’m still five pounds heavier than i normally am, but my love handles seem to have diminished and my legs are better? not sure.