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cool infographics that i just had to share

i’ve been reading a lot of webdesign sites recently. came across a post full of cool infographics. 389 years ago is a good one about the progression of slavery to the election of barack obama. piggy trouble is about swine flu; i like the ‘fear of swine flu vs knowledge’ figure.

yeah… i could look at this all day.


google: search and destroy

i found a $5 shirt for albert that was white with black text. printed under “google” (not the official logo), were two buttons: “search” and “destroy”. funny how “destroy” doesn’t come to mind when you search the internet.

meanwhile, i am painting a shirt that i similarly cut the sleeves off of. it’s a quote from the animorphs: “I would go postal, but i have no mail”, and i painted a running envelope in the corner. i didn’t plan it out very well, so the design’s not that great, sigh.

art links

went to the bellevue art fair on saturday. was pretty bored because my mom’s perusal rate is twice as slow as mine. but i found some stuff that i liked:

jeff white
teresa saia
todd lundeen
patrick howe <– pretty amazing.

amazing what you can do with chalk pastels!

some things that must be blogged

how to crush bill o’reilly — joan walsh of salon magazine handles bill o’reilly beautifully. it’s not easy to stand your ground to a bullying idealogue like o’reilly.

panic switch by silversun pick-ups. i heard it a couple times in the past couple of days (twice on the radio today!), and i really like it. i normally don’t like breathy/high-pitched voices, but this is a cool song. i thought they were mute math when i first heard them.

i’m torn between organizing/settling into my room, and reading my brand new copy of warbreaker, cover art by one of my favorite artists, dan dos santos. i’d like to find out the name of the artist who illustrated the hardcover editions of the mistborn trilogy. i think it’s a bummer that cover artists aren’t credited clearly enough in the books that they illustrate.

jasmine mans

performance of a poem called ‘i cried as if i were his daughter’ by jasmine mans.

needless to say, the verses are graphic. and intense.

i found her courage is fucking humbling, to say the least.

“slip of tongue” by adriel luis

a poem about ethnic beauty by adriel luis called slip of tongue”. here’s a video adaption.

dollar-bill origami

this person [deviantart] makes freaking amazing origami out of dollar bills. via (marsupialia)