i’m thinking about taking a rest day from my jogging tomorrow. my hamstrings have been feeling sore/strained, so maybe i need a “rest day”. maybe it was from the shoe-switching, or maybe it was because i didn’t eat a real breakfast, or because i didn’t drink enough water (which i never do). or maybe i’m pushing myself more than necessary. what’s the point, though? today, a guy passed me faster than i could have passed a snail, and i was discouraged about this dream of calling myself a runner. i’m no better than i ever was in middle and high school.

athletes only have rest days once a week, though. the rest of us mortals are only recommended to do cardio three times a week, a.k.a. every other day. sigh. i really wonder what it’s like to be an “elite runner”. is it just easier for them to be so fast, or is their willpower beyond my imagination?


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