arch linux notes!


1. installation

looked a lot like the slackware installation. i was a little confused about whether or not a separate /boot partition was needed, but nah. grub took care of everything. i think it boots windows, but windows is still going “NTLDR is compressed”, so i don’t know.

2. conf files

it seems like arch’s /etc directory is less cluttered than slackware’s, and the config files are fewer and more concise. nice and neat.

3. wireless

wireless was pretty easy this time around! the kernel came with the iwl3945 driver (replacing ipw3945), so i think all i had to do was get the ucode and install it. it uses wlan0 as the interface instead of eth1 now, interesting. dhcpcd works reliably, yay.

4. Xorg and KDE

learning how to use pacman while installing Xorg was… educational. my first problem with pacman was simply that the only mirror i uncommented wasn’t available. added some more mirrors to download kdemod. i think the kde mod is a little buggy, but it’s still very nice and streamlined. kde4 seems to have a file navigation system (not just konquere as a file browser!) similar to macOS. sweet! simpler and more intuitive. but editing the panel bar is more of a hassle now. oh, note to self: if you want ‘startx’ to start kde’, you just have to uncomment the line in the ~/.xinitrc file.

5. sound

downloaded alsa stuff, tried a bunch of things on the wiki. eventually, restarting X did the trick.

pacman (the package manager) is pretty awesome! i can install things so much faster now. i think i may have been doing it the long way with slackware. anyways. i seem to have an alpha version of firefox called shiretoko. it likes to refer to itself as shiretoko. we’ll see how this goes.


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