distro of choice: arch linux

it’s optimized for i686, so it’s fast as hell. the installation is command-line based, so that means it’s very do-it-yourself. i’m going to download KDEmod 4.2 from the chakra project, and that way i won’t have all those extra applications. i think i can also download lilo instead of grub, so all is well!

i’m not too fond of the new logo, though… i thought the old one was cooler.

Figure 1 — New logo Figure 2 — Old logo

two articles detailing the awesomeness of arch:

+ life on the cutting edge – archlinux
+ arch linux – 2008.06 Overlord

unfortunately, the server at archlinux.org is undergoing maintenance right now, so i guess i’m just going to have to watch the taiwanese drama ‘black and white’ until it’s back up again. hope it’s sooner rather than later.

time to go back up my files. x_x


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