after saving windows, it bails on me

just when i actually manage to clear out the horrible XP deluxe protector (malware) and a shitload of other viruses from my computer, the windows bootloader stops working. “ntldr is compressed”. why, why would the nt loader (nt for new technology x_x) stop working now??

maybe i should get rid of windows once and for all. it annoys the hell out of me, and it has outlived it’s usefulness, i think. it’s good for programs like finale notepad and adobe photoshop, but you can find comparable programs for linux. it’s also better at scoping out wireless networks, but i don’t have much use for that either.

meh. i should probably keep it around. as a relic.

polish linux is a good source for picking out which linux distro you want to use. there’s even a survey that you can take, like a little personality quiz. it recommended that i use fedora as #1 and slackware as #5. hmm.

currently contemplating whether i want to install linux mint 7, which i just installed onto my brother’s computer. the grub bootloader conflicting with the windows dual-boot isn’t a problem if i want to scrap windows. but maybe i want to use arch…. but their logo is so ugly now! maybe if they had kde4…


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