so, i kind of broke* linux just a few minutes ago. but that’s okay, because i’ve been thinking about trying out a new distro. arch? mint? something that has kde4, at least. so i head on over to distrowatch, and what is at the top of the page? slackware 13.0 has arrived. and it has kde4. damn! so do i try a new distro, or do i faithfully install slack 13?

* i’m pretty sure i didn’t do anything special to screw it up. just don’t use terminal emulators in konquerer, for future reference. all i know is that uid 1001 took over all processes. you know that something bad is bound to happen when you go “su” and bash returns with “Sorry”. inittab file is missing, apparently. and logging in to do stuff is not an option.


apparently, the entire /etc folder is gone! WTF?? that’s like… where fstab, lilo.conf, and module loading files are… why did it disappear??


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