oh econ. such a pointless class. bombed the quiz today and studied afterwards to make up for it. doing that kind of demonstrates my apathy for the class. i’m lazy, so i wait until after the quiz to figure out what i’m supposed to learn. learn the material before or after, it doesn’t matter, because the knowledge is useless to me in the long run. i should skip the aimless Q&A rambling excuses for lectures that i sit through every day. gawd.

linux, however!… you can’t deny that it’s useless. the rewards are long-term and useful. that is probably why i upgraded my kernel and downloaded goodies for the desktop last night instead of studying for econ. totally justified…

reading a good book called “mappa mundi” by justina robson. just finished “crossover” by joel shepherd.

only 2 more weeks of school left!

abominable story of the day:

Who Gets to Make Medical Decisions for Pregnant Women?

Sound crazy? Well something along these lines happened to Samantha Burton, a mother of two in Florida who was 25 weeks pregnant when she was hospitalized against her will due to pregnancy complications. When she requested a transfer to another hospital so she could get a second opinion, the state refused because it was not in the fetus’ “best interests at the time.” After three days in state-mandated confinement, Ms. Burton lost the baby.

martydd: “Women are, after all, mere vessels. The contents of their uterus have greater rights than they do.”


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  1. Folic acid along with calcium should be taken to avoid any iron deficiency. Smoking and alcohol should be stopped immediately. Tea and coffee should be avoided as it triggers morning sickness.

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