wtf: the birther movement

it’s ridiculous. and “birther” sounds ridiculous, too.

it reminds me of a time in my 8th grade math class when i said that i was born in massachusetts. the kid in front of me (white, the douchebag sort) turned around and said, “no you weren’t!”

why not?

i suppose it is conceivable that there were once enough CIA operatives for every non-white woman to kidnap her from the hospital bed during labor and deport her back to da modder land (establishment of the CIA and commercial jets notwithstanding). nowadays, that would probably be unfeasible. but even if that were the case with me, the flight from east coast to asia is at least twenty-four hours long, and labor is around twelve hours, give or take. so, i would probably have popped out somewhere east of hawaii, which puts me in US airspace… right?

anyways. i think it’s pretty ridiculous that some people can’t accept the fact that non-white are routinely born on american soil, much less become american citizens without doing the extra paperwork.


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