i accidentally dropped something and didn’t realize it as i was about to get on the bus back home today. i heard a sprinting sound, thinking “some guy is racing to cut me in line???”. turns out, short south asian man who i thought had moved creepily closer to me while we were waiting for the bus, ran to pick up my fallen sunglasses and return them to me, even though he must have been at least ten feet away from them. aww. it totally made my day. made up for the unpleasant asshole-at-whole-foods-parking-lot incident a few weeks ago.

watched a couple movies this weekend. “training day”, which i thought was awesome, because the rookie inadvertently won the support of two hardcore gang groups just by acting on his morals. “assault on precinct 13”, not so special, but not a waste of time. “brick”, an indie film that was about drug dealers at a high school who speak slang with almost a shakespearean style. the way of speech was so convoluted that i didn’t really understand the plot machinations. maybe i will watch it again. the movie is awesome because it’s like, a drug war in a school setting, with all the violence and murder, as well as romance. even though i couldn’t understand some of it, i love dialogue:

The Brain: Big time. See the Pin pipes it from the lowest scraper for Brad Bramish to sell, maybe. Ask any dope rat where their junk sprang and they’ll say they scraped it from that, who scored it from this, who bought it off so, and after four or five connections the list always ends with The Pin. But I bet you, if you got every rat in town together and said “Show your hands” if any of them’ve actually seen The Pin, you’d get a crowd of full pockets.

Brendan Frye: Throw one at me if you want, hash head. I’ve got all five senses and I slept last night, that puts me six up on the lot of you.

Assistant VP Gary Trueman: You’ve helped this office out before.
Brendan Frye: No, I gave you Jerr to see him eaten, not to see you fed.
Assistant VP Gary Trueman: Fine. And very well put.
Brendan Frye: Accelerated English, Mrs. Kasprzyk.
Assistant VP Gary Trueman: Tough teacher?
Brendan Frye: Tough but fair.


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