it’s not that hot, really…

even though it’s 103 degrees, it doesn’t feel that hot. i keep telling myself that it’s always this hot in other parts of the country, and probably hotter right now. i think that after spending summers in places other than seattle (taiwan, new york), i’m in denial that it’s actually this hot in seattle.

wurt a crappy day. my whole family was up before i was. for some reason, my mom asking me a pointless question (“what is your shower thing?” “what shower thing?” “i don’t know, albert’s said you had a shower thing.” “the shower tote?” “what?” “the pink thing.” “what pink thing?” … and on…) when i just wanted to go to the bathroom just an unpleasant way to start the day. bus was twenty minutes late, so i was late for math. coming home, i realized that i was dangerously low on gas. the first gas station wouldn’t accept my card nor cash, so i had to go the roundabout way to a chevron three blocks down the street. all while it was gaining 100 degrees outside. lack of AC wasn’t a problem, but i was hungry. rargh. then i come home and walk into a spider web. i got around the reading the news, which is fucking depressing (#9 on reddit).


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