i repeat, it burns

the steering wheel is so hot after six hours in the sun that touching it feels like a freezer burn. fyi, in the middle of a heat wave.

eating ice cream on a daily basis now. watching too much alias. painting at the same time.

i thought “aye julian” was about a girl who cheated on her boyfriend with a girl. apparently not!

classes are uninspiring. ME’s not so cool, econ is as pointless as ever. i look forward to math, though. it’s extremely straightforward, and i think my instructor is interesting. she has some keloid scars on the back of her shoulders. coming from a former soviet country, it’s intriguing.

damn, firefox 3 in this qute skin… it’s fantastic.

a bee investigated me during econ today. it was all in my face like “yo yo yo!” and landed on my neck. i left the classroom, thinking that i would terminate it outside, only to return to the bee squashed on the floor by my classmates and my TA telling a story about a bee in his class once.

watching a couple recent episodes of the daily show today… oh sarah palin. why are you so dumb? oh republicans. why are they so unwilling to chip in for health care? from what i understand, you wouldn’t be forced to buy govt health care, but paying the extra taxes to help out your fellow citizens seems like the patriotic thing to do.


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