it burns, it burns!

the steering wheel of my car — after it’s been sitting out in the sun in 90-degree weather all day — it burns my hands.

that’s not the purpose of my post, though. “cee admission decision” sounds ominous when you first read it in the inbox. it doesn’t help that the opening sentence of the e-mail is “Thank you for your application to the Civil & Environmental Engineering (CEE) Department”, since it sounds like “but…” is going to join the party.

but, i got in! can’t say it was a surprise, but it’s awesome!

also, my jogging efforts are finally beginning to show their worth. on monday, i jogged for 12 minutes straight without running out of breath (!!). that was about a mile, a little more than a mile. took me five fucking weeks (sorry, gotta add the alliteration) to get to this point, but progress is progress.

ME lab exam on thursday, i think i’m screwed (but that’s okay, i got into CEE!). ME 123 has the most unusual tests i’ve ever taken. drawing test, computer test… it’s crazy. i’m glad i’m only taking that class for credit.


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