just in time for my ME drawing quiz. seriously — first drawing quiz ever. my artist skills didn’t help much. i guess i’m more of a painter than a drawer.

had “i never knew you” by cage stuck in my head when i woke up and while i took the quiz. “the sky opened, god handed you directly to meee”.

took a nap on the quad in the afternoon. earlier, as i was going to econ, i saw a guy sleeping on the grass in front of the fountain, knee up against the wall, hood over his face. when i came back, he was still there.

sleeping in public feels very vulnerable. but it’s kind of nice to curl up on the grass, put your head on your backpack, and cover your eyes with your jacket. until the sun gets too hot and then you have to find new shade. i may have succeeded in slightly tanning my lower legs today.

went to a symphony concert of final fantasy. had to get away from school/home routine for a while. skipped out on the gym again. not sure if i’m physically improving, though. i’m still five pounds heavier than i normally am, but my love handles seem to have diminished and my legs are better? not sure.


2 responses to “thursday

  1. I wanted to see the FF Concert badly ): how was it?

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