ahhhh! first concert evah!!

just came back from my first concert experience ever!! i had to learn that the trick to finding the ticket window is that it’s a hole in the wall, you hand a silly little triple-dollar sign to a person who then stamps one of your wrists.

carney, the pretty reckless, and the veronicas were all amazing, so the whole experience was quite satisfactory. and to think — i was considering not going. got home at 12:00 am exactly.

the girls were as impeccable and charming as always. lisa was describing how one of the upcoming songs was very personal, and threw in the word ‘douchebag’ (“i’m down with you americans”) to describe her ex. lisa: “is anybody in love with jess??” many responses. jess: “is anybody hoping to find love on the street tonight?” jess leaned all over george the guitarist for a bit, so that was funny. the equipment guy was cute; he was like, “we’re from australia” in what i think was a faked australian accent.

carney was also really funny. leader singer apologized for having starbucks today. the drummer bounced away two of his drumsticks, then jumped offstage (it was a really small stage) to bang on some crates and went back up again. and they sprayed silly putty on the pretty reckless after their last song.

also marched in the gay pride parade today, handing out beads on behalf of the methodist congregational church. i know, i felt like a hypocrite. but as long as it’s a benevolent organization, i’m cool with that.

tired. school tomorrow! yagh!


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