acapella groups cover pop songs

i hate to admit it, but i’ve been watching/listening to college acapella on youtube through out the day. the beatboxers are cool! and they’re also very entertaining, in my opinion.

here are some of my fav’s so far:

“untouched” (the veronicas), by MIT resonance — it was the first one that i came across, was kind of amazed by the concept, and really liked it.
“misery business” (paramore), by socal vocals — awesome!
“aerials” (system of a down), by caltech fluid dynamics — they seem pretty hardcore
“cry me a river” (justin timberlake), by UO on the rocks — really, really funny. they have a dance routine going on. if you’re going to watch one, watch this one.

a bunch from NYU boys:

“bye bye bye” (nsync) by NYU mass transit — dance moves too!
“burnin’ up” (jonas brothers) by NYU mass transit
“i kissed a girl” (katy perry) by NYU mass transit — the guy even looks like katy perry

so, gonna fail physics tomorrow. waaa.


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