“hatred in bumper sticker form”

hatred in bumper sticker form, from reddit.

it was not the astounding bigotry that i found remarkable, it was this comment by “cultured_banana_slug’ that i liked:

What a lot of people don’t realize is that there are those fighting and then those who are caught in the fighting. The civilians often just want peace so they can go back to living their lives. They don’t want bombs flying over head or mines in their roads. They don’t want their kids coming home in pieces because they were caught in a “skirmish”. They just want life to be predictable and dull. Lots of people like dull. Dull means no one is trying to kill you.

If they see you as someone who is there to help get rid of the people shooting at them, they’re all for you. If they see you as yet another group of people coming in to shoot at them… they’ll hate you. If the people of a country don’t like you, you’ll have a hell of a time fighting there. Go in, get rid of the dickheads, keep things stable enough so that the people can reassert control (instead of having yet another gun toting psycho in charge) and then leave. People are OK with that.

America really does need to get over this belief that we’re pure and innocent and kind and warm and fuzzy and we bring hope and happiness to all we have contact with. We can be raging douchebags.

We fuck with other people’s governments for our own profit, we take shit that doesn’t belong to us… this is what nations do. But we pretend we don’t do those things and then get surprised when the people we’ve been fucking with start fucking back. Then we act like victims and cry and wail and fling our arms in the air and go on crusades against the evil-doers… many of whom are simply pissed that we’ve been fucking with them for so long.

i liked DJNephilim’s reply:

I nearly broke my left mouse button I upvoted you so hard.


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