i’m sitting in the mary gates computer lab. two taiwanese boys are on the other side of the table, speaking in taiwanese-chinese with occasional bits of not-badly-accented english as they talk about games and girls (pop stars, presumably). oh taiwanese boys. just the accent brings back a sort of nostalgia. just hearing them speak gives me a colloquial feeling, makes me want to relax.

but no! ahead of me, i have much cramming to do in the way of studying.

1. learn this cee beam stuff, get a grip on all the equations and problem-solving, and do the homework. hopefully, i’ll figure it out.
2. physics. ugh. i’m tempted to spend an infinite amount of time on this class at the expense of my other classes, but there’s a good chance that my efforts will be futile, so why should i bother… nevertheless, there will be bonding time with my *four* quantum mechanics books.
3. ME. definitely the most stress-free of the lot. i like how the prof announced that he would drop a test score and a homework score on the last day of class.

i often forget what i want to say on class evaluations. i wanted to throw in the word “blitzkrieg” on for my physics class, but he didn’t do evals.

i just saw my finals week work schedule. what!! on tuesday, a 6.5-hour shift from 2:30 – 9pm, and a 7-hour shift on wednesday from 10:30 (right after my final) – 6! damn, there goes my tuesday for studying. not that i would’ve spent the whole time studying, but still. ickk.

so, yeah. i had four hours of sleep last night and the blitzkrieg studying starts today. friday night, all of saturday, and all of sunday. monday night, tuesday morning, and that’s pretty much it.

final stretch!


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