i keep getting low grades in tc. trying to above and beyond seems to be my problem. this is a class where creativity is dangerous.

then i took an ME midterm. didn’t do so bad, i think. it’s the nice thing about technical classes. it’s predictable. do the work, get an A for effort, and stay ahead of the curve on tests. in writing classes, when you do the work, you get judged for it. i don’t think i like that. art would be like that, too, so i’m glad i didn’t get into it.

friday is bleach. then tutoring. tomorrow i’m going on another build. not to mention a greatload of homework. a project, cee hmk, me hmk, and physics hmk. i guess i have to stop watching l word for a while. as if. = P

and i’ve been listening to nothing but guano apes for the past three weeks.


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