so there is this website/blog called exchristian.net that offers support for those who have abandoned the christian religion. it has this really great article comparing the move from christianity to atheism/skepticism to the move from windows to linux.

why i moved to linux” by neal stone.

But once in a while someone, like me, sees the truth and realizes there is an alternative to following the crowd blindly. We then sit down and totally replace our Windows with Linux. We discover a true freedom that sets us apart from the rest. We find life easier to live and enjoy and discover others who have also found this truth. No more lies from the “company”, no more bugs or unexplained issues that people choose to ignore or accept as part of the great plan.


One response to “ex-christian.net

  1. I liked this post and the analogy is interesting. I like the idea that I’m a free thinker and not a “company” drone 😉

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