when JC asked what i got in statics, i told him i got a 3.7. i just double-checked — i actually got a 3.8. whoops. (just for the record, this makes me seem modest.) a 3.7 is still surprisingly good, for any intensive class.

it was in astro that i got a 3.7, and i still can’t believe that i did well in that class. my prof asked really obscure questions on the test… “what is the internal structure of a neutron star?” “what is the magnetic field strength of the sun?” no idea… but i did know the temperature of the corona. i think it was 10 million K. i’m pretty sure i knew it at the time. : )

been listening to guano apes. german band. sandra nasic = awesome hardcore singer. a bit repetitive for my tastes, but i like the overall sound. good for rocking out.


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