budget cuts at UW

“Scarcely any state, even those with worse economies, is punishing higher education funding more than the Washington Legislature is about to do. So long, first tier!”

yeah, 20 – 30%.

president mark emmert — a man with a $800,000 salary and who wants to rebuild the husky stadium? well, !@#$%. football coaches getting paid millions of dollars. oh yeah, UW is going down the drain, thanks a lot.

i was initially happy about the fact that the quantity and length of assignments would be reduced due to budget cuts. but looking at the big picture… students getting screwed over is not cool. why us??? probably since we have incredibly low tuition compared to other schools of comparable size and quality… we’re getting hit pretty hard.

on a brighter note, UW is so pretty in the spring, i could look at it all day.


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