today was sunny

guy plonking his motorcycle helmet on espresso bar, big smile across his face… it was ian! so fortuitous that i was making espresso at the moment and thus had an avenue of conversation. made my day. : )

been listening to the rasmus for the past couple of days, and i’ve been liking living in a world without you. interesting how he uses a british accent in the verse. and did i mention brand new day by ryan star? perhaps a while ago.

xkcd informed me that today is the 10th anniversary of the release of ‘the matrix’. perhaps i will watch it tonight.

it looks like i’m leaving quite a bit of work for this weekend. an essay due on monday. physics homework due on monday. taxes. (oh taxes!) head start on ME homework. oh well, i know what i’ll be doing on friday night. oh wait, i might going out to dinner with people…


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