rez bomb

rez bomb looks like a good movie. the trailer intimidates me a bit with the violence, but i think i’m inured to it after watching it a couple times. i’m pretty interested in stories involving [modern-day] native americans.

i’ve heard about the reservation in which this movie takes place — pine ridge in south dakota. i read a bit about it when i randomly elected to be the “senator” from south dakota, and i pushed a bill in our mock congress for the recognition of native american rights. the reservation is so poor that it’s considered “fourth world” right here in the united states. crazy suicide rates. pretty deplorable.

i have a tendency to feel guilty about these things, the plight of native americans or other less fortunate people. it’s similar to the self-defeating guilt i feel for having a relatively easy life, and also for being less than extraordinary, given the case. i didn’t have to rise from a life of hardship, so i should be super-genius-awesome given my comfortable upbringing…? i keep reminding myself that i’m in college and working part-time. what more can you ask? i’m doing engineering/physics and getting good grades. i shouldn’t be so hard on myself, thinking that i don’t deserve this or that. that’s what i keep telling myself.


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