a different view

it’s been an interesting week.

someone tried to kiss me. it fucked me up for a day or two, but i came out on top.

i saw my most confident friend cry about loneliness and turning to alcoholism. i’m concerned. it sucks to feel helpless in this situation.

there were two people in my roommate’s bed when i came in last night. the smell of boy-cologne alerted my suspicion, and then i whipped out my photon light. twice as much black hair, and twice the number of usual lumps. they didn’t actually have sex, but it was what i first suspected. either way, i didn’t care. i was just shocked, so i went downstairs to talk to michael a bit afterwards.

i have so much homework this week, and i’m not on top of it. statics, god…

i’m so tired.

things are changing.

i bus-hopped and wandered the streets of seattle on a saturday night. i sat in cafes and drank their beverages (also observing by ear how to foam milk properly). i did homework in study groups. i became seriously apathetic about all this at the end of the night. not a depressive apathy — just a tired, fuck-this kind of tired. it feels i’m being a normal person.

ugh, i’m going to hardcore do statics tomorrow, though, because i don’t like having less than half of a long-ass assignment done by the end of the weekend.


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