while the inauguration was going on…

sometimes i’m just really tired of school.

i know that if i didn’t have school, i’d be seeking intellectual stimulation. but shit, can’t i strike a balance?

i think astro put a crater in my day. i mean fuck, i inadvertently sat next to the most obnoxious and hygiene-deficient person in my class, and i had to sit through an hour and a half of telescope and spectra discussion before i could escape. we got our homeworks back. i did far better than i thought i did, but those around me got full scores and their papers were blessed with a shiny star stickers. mine was punched with a flower-shaped hole.

but doing homework anton brightened up my day, even though the homework was long-winded. when i came back, there was more homework to check with eric. homework! studying! it never ends! midterms start next week. i shan’t hope to stay ahead of it. and tomorrow i have to work on mathematica…

i’m excited about music again.


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