the world is… depressing

i was about to say that ‘the news is depressing’, but we know that ‘the news’ really means ‘the world’.

– the story about the three plainclothes police officers assaulting a 12-year-old black girl and are now charging her with assault? (this was under the pretense of investigating a prostitution ring that involved only *white* girls, by the way). three men beating up a girl and victimizing her in the name of the law? like, what the fucking fuck??

– the bush administration has passed even more legislation restricting women’s access to abortion, further impairing women’s health care.

somebody mentioned that the people usually fight the government when the govt uses an excuse like ‘we gotta protect the children’ (e.g. when they’re trying to take away our rights), but in this case, people are using ‘we gotta protect the children’ to fight the government, effectively using their own argument to protect them.

somebody mentioned that the fact that this happened in texas didn’t surprise them… sad.

someone else surmised that this was actually a kidnapping attempt, which seems plausible, given the circumstances.



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