grades are out! and unfortunately, there are no gaping holes in aa 210 (a class that i’m trying to register for).

geology – wow i actually pulled a 4.0! sweeet. incredibly easy class. class size of 500 probably helped me stay ahead of the curve… = P
cse – 3.7. i was actually hoping for a 3.8, but a 3.7 is pretty rockin’. considering the fact that i missed an average of 3 points for every homework assignment, and homeworks are worth as much as the final… i like how this turned out.
physics – 3.7. wow! heh, if i hadn’t missed so many clicker questions, i would have gotten a 3.8. imagine that!
research – 3.5. heh, sad.

i actually forgot to check my grades soon after i heard that they were out, heh. went to play piano and unpack my cello instead.


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