now i know why i take showers right before bed

a: so that i’m not so freaking cold when i sleep.

so, yeah, i did surprisingly well on my physics and cse finals. woot!!

i’m a bit baffled that i did so well on physics actually, because i was feeling unusually shitty that day (tired/headache and some nausea) and i had little confidence while i was taking the exam. i got an 89%, though, which is better than anything i’ve done all quarter; i only missed one multiple choice question! on cse, i got a 91, which is pretty gratifying. i don’t know if it’s because of my new job, or that i’m more experienced at studying for these kinds of things, but it seems like what initially looked like an indomitable quarter turned out exceedingly well in the end.

my work evaluations were also pretty good, so that’s neat.

now that the crazy schedule is dying down, i think i’m getting a little bored. i’m sure i will have plenty do when i’m holed up back at home with my paints and brushes. backpack is getting some new “tattoos”. i’ve also made arrangements to meet up with people, so hopefully i will get out of the house.


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