i quietly turned 20 on saturday of this week.

my dad figured it out when he went back to work on monday, so he and my mom brought me three slices of fancy cake (and two egg custards) under the pretense of returning my computer mouse (which i had left at their house this weekend). afterwards, instead of going to the library, which was my original and nowadays routine plan for the night, i went to play some piano. practiced some bach in preparation for the upcoming audition which i subsequently cancelled.

the cakes are ridiculously sweet. i tried to get my roommate to share it with me, but she just had one of the egg custards.

actually, the first person that i thought to share my belated birthday cake with was jeffrey. i remembered that izzy and i made a cake for his last birthday and how we spelled out “HAPPY BIRTHDAY BITCH” on it using colored toothpicks. mercer basement kitchen. yellow vanilla and chocolate frosting. u-district street fair afterwards, and sitting on the curb listening to the native american play their cool music. it was such a good memory. in light of my 20th birthday and that sunny memory, i decided that i would ask jeffrey to share my cake. a gesture of truce, if you will. the sentiments of the night made me feel that friends involved in such blissful memories were not worth losing.

i’m sorry to say that it didn’t turn out the way i’d hoped.

tonight, i initiated an extended text-conversation with tim in the silent study area of the library. d’oh. tim tried to convince me to celebrate my birthday with him. he’s so sweet that i felt bad for downplaying my birthday. to be honest, i don’t know him that well, and i’m certainly not one of his closest friends. despite it all, he’s eager to take the time and energy to commemorate my “special day”. it’s touching, but with a twist. and i don’t know if he’s taking “no” for an answer.

currently, my record for coming back to the dorms from odegaard is 1:00 am. as i walk through the quad, i like take the time to familiarize myself with the constellations. i can spot orion and cassiopoeia now.

despite the late nights and sleepy days, i’ve been an insomniac these past couple of days.


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