the low-key birthday of my dreams

i had a nice day.

deposited a check at the bank.

went to crossroads.

there, i bought myself a big-ass crochet hook (size n / 10 mm). then i attempted to shop for clothes at old navy, but i got frustrated, and had dinner. dinner was a wonderful little tofu sandwich. it was very tasty. after dinner, i got a red bean icy with tapioca (!!!), and that was really good, too. then, i revisited half-price books and headed over to barnes & noble. there i read parts of ‘ender in exile’, a manga called ‘love attack’, a ‘bleach’ character book, a few pages of ‘twilight’, some middle parts of ‘reflex’ (sequel to ‘jumper’), and bits of ‘idlewild’ and ‘edenborn’ by nick sagan. i wanted to buy ‘idlewild’… i wish i had.

i really wasn’t sure that it was my birthday, because both of my parents seemed to have forgotten… but facebook informed me that it was, and 16 notifications (19 and counting) can’t be wrong. = P


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