stabs cse

cse majors have asked me before if i like my cse professor. i don’t. not knowing what the appropriate response is (“i don’t like his personality”?), i simply say, “he’s alright; he explains things really well…”, which is true in lecture.

going out on a limb to post on the messageboard only to receive a completely unenlightening and condescending reply from the professor is… frustrating. i can only imagine that the non-genius half of the class is just as confused by the deliberately ambiguous assignment write-up as i am.

let this be said: i never want to major in cse.

list of possible majors:
music – turned down by an audition, which is for the best
art – barred from registering for the pre-requisite courses
– astronomy/physics – pretty good, except i’m not sure i have what it takes to get good physics grades
– engineering
computer science – stuck up as hell
– civil – ???
– mechanical – ???

when i’m floundering in physics next quarter, i will remember to remind myself: “at least i’m not doing cse.”

the difference between physics and computer science is that the challenges of a physics education is universally accepted; that of which is experienced by computer science students is scorned.


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