my comment at feministe

kind of a redundant account, but with youtube links!

i was part of the obama rally that started at my school (UW in seattle) that later meandered from the u-district down to the open-street dance party on capitol hill, and merged with the rallies in downtown seattle. there was a guy holding a life-sized obama pop-up at the front of the crowd which grew bigger in size as we swarmed the ave, campus parkway, 45th, greek row and returned to red square to make a united stand in front of the scenic, back-lit suzallo library. we even briefly invaded odegaard undergraduate library where we were welcomed by students and librarians alike, even though people were obviously studying for midterms. i saw a dude getting arrested on the ave, and you could tell that he couldn’t be happier when he raised his fist at us and the policeman thunked it back down on the hood of the car. we were running through campus, cheering continuously, setting off firecrackers, stopping traffic, high-fiving drivers, eliciting uninhibited horn-honking, singing, chanting “yes we can!”, and spontaneously singing the national anthem several times. to imagine that this kind of spontaneous and unadulterated celebration was simultaneously popping up on other college campuses, and undoubtedly in cities from coast-to-coast was beyond amazing.


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