what a day…

it didn’t help that i ate nothing but cereal for breakfast, and grapefruit juice and two luna bars for the rest of the day. i guess food does a lot for my energy levels. it’s strange because i knew that i hadn’t eaten lunch or dinner, but i got by on a lunabar each time, and didn’t realize that i actually needed food.

i hate how the things keeping me back from getting a 20 on cse assignments are things like commenting nuances, forgetting to make a public field private, or forgetting to throw an exception. perfection can not be achieved by me.

the case against banning gay marriage; i’ve never thought of it this way:

Fundamentally, the right to form coequal legal relations ought to be available to homosexuals as a matter of Due Process. That is, we’re getting confused about what a right is. A right is not susceptible to plebiscite. If it were, it would be superfluous qua right. The “people” of California, Arkansas, Florida, etc., can no more vote on the rights of homosexuals to marry than they can vote on the rights of Jews or Puerto Ricans, for example, to speak or to associate. The entire point of a right is to protect minorities from majority tyranny. These ballot measures, as a vehicle to attack an individual right, are extremely dangerous not only to the rights of homosexuals, but also to all other individual rights.


Moreover, it violates the First Amendment because it is establishment of religion, by stealth. By legally defining marriage as between a man and a woman and refusing to recognize any others, the government sides with Judeo-Christian religious norms over all others (such as Unitarianism). It also sides with religion over irreligion, violating longstanding principles of neutrality (also unconstitutional). Therefore the constitution’s prohibition on laws “respecting an establishment of religion” is violated.

very interesting…

seriously, though… prop 8… what a tragic blow… = (

and this is how you summed up what happened in the USA last night — is so cute. a white kid passed an obama poster to a black kid. both are sitting on their dads’ shoulders, and then they hold it up together for the camera.

i just want to read/watch all this post-election stuff, like the capitol hill and downtown seattle obama rallies (some people called them riots)… stewart/colbert… read up on reactions and young voter turn-out…

good wishes for obama stream in from around the globe — lol:

Polls consistently showed that, if the rest of the world could have voted in the U.S. election, the Illinois Democrat would have won not just by a landslide, but an avalanche.

aw… michael crichton died… = (

i’m too hard on myself.


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