the day after

just found out: aw fuck, 985 fell through? at least death with dignity passed.

prop 8 = sad. : (

yay gregoire.

wow, darcy burner and dave recheirt differed by less than 1000 votes.

and now, a quick note about yesterday’s events.

voting was no big deal. my elementary school was cute, and i chilled at my house afterward. i attended the election party in the evening.

so, first of all, i was totally clueless about how long it would take for the results to come out. the florida controversy of 2000 is all i really know. so i was a little annoyed, but kind of curious when someone called out for CNN as we were watching stewart and colbert. channel-changing to CNN was a short fiasco. then people shouted with glee when we saw “Obama elected president”. i couldn’t believe it, so i asked, “what’s going on?” and the girl next to me said, “Obama won!” i naively said, “the whole thing?” (“the whole country?” “for real?”. i had just been looking at states and congress.)

i didn’t know 270 was the magic number for the electoral… but i do now! so much for AP gov.

it was a gratifying to “feel” the difference between the projections and the real thing. despite all the confidence and predictions, it was incredibly satisfying to know that the votes were counted and america had spoken. ‘president-elect’. that sounds so cool.

when i texted my mom, “obama won!”, she texted back, “i help”.

brilliant example of asian mom defying voter apathy.

fucking awesome obama rally at UW campus/the ave last night. hopefully, my computer will stop malfunctioning soon and i will have cellphone pics and vids in a later post.

i just have to say: i am so proud of uw for coming out last night. i was so proud to be part of a crowd that was elated about the elections. a crowd that was hyped up about politics, national pride, and most of all, the prospect of having a black president. we stopped traffic and elicited bystander car-honking and picture-taking. we spontaneously sang the national anthem a couple times, and never stopped cheering for at least an hour. north campus dorms, the quad, red square, odegaard, the bridge a cross 15th ave, campus parkway, terry dorm, the Ave, 45th, greek row, memorial way, and back to red square. the rally was spontaneous and infectious. at least a thousand people turned out.

on the ave, we passed a guy on the ave getting put under arrest, and he was smiling at us like he couldn’t be happier. when he stuck his fist up in the air in response to our cheering, the policeman thunked it back down on the car. unforgettable.


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