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just from reading blogs:

machines changing votes from obama to mccain in west virginia; comments, this one by sylvok:

I group of students at my old high school (of 4000 students total) hacked a voting machine (Which they use for the real elections) and put in 3000 votes extra for a freshman (for SGA) without even having access to the machines longer then the time it took to vote.

If I can remember correctly they bought one of the cards that the machines use and just switched the real card out with their fake one.

Because the local government figured that the machines were secure, NO ONE FOUND OUT TILL A MONTH AFTER THE ELECTION. This was last year in Virginia.

voter suppression has already begun, which is undeniably illegal (voting rights act of 1964).

Between reports like that and the vile, racially-charged garbage that’s been coming out of the McCain camp and his supporters of late, it really does feel like we’ve been forcefully transported back to a darker time in American history. Or, more accurately, the venom and bile that’s been mostly simmering under the surface all along is boiling up thanks to McCain, Palin, and their surrogates stoking the flames.

john mccain’s racism and why it matters

on a lighter note, i think i’m left-eyed


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