reddit is a pretty neat site

from “IQ is strongly related…”

boredidiot: You were downmodded not for any self-proclaimed facts, but lack of credibility and the arrogance in which you delivered it. If you don’t understand that, your “emotional IQ” is obviously at a “functionally retarded” level.
strobeflashlight: Seeing as I scored in the 99th percentile of the Voight-Kampff test it’s more probable that it’s your penis that is “functionally retarded” than my neo-cortex.

from National Review says Obama’s deceased mother would’ve aborted him, were it legal at the time. What the FUCK is wrong with them. (original article)

tmoracca: My email:
Subject: Former Sperm Ed Whelan
Haven’t we all not been aborted? It’s a crime we can’t capture all sperm “who” have ever left testes and raise each and every one to be a God-fearing, M16-wielding Christian.
…Innocent little spermies. We grieve for you all who have lost your lives in vain or in masturbation.


The really pathetically serious problem with National Review’s discourse is this:
* Nearly
* generally
* perhaps
* even if
* very possibly
* “I haven’t found any statistics”
* “indirect indications suggest”
* “may actually believe”
* “may be very lucky”
* may owe
* ought
Nearly all farm animals hold conservative social views, as they generally adhere to practices and values of previous generations. Perhaps pasture animals are more inclined to wander from this norm, but even if there is some small bovine faction dedicated to the violent overthrow of the government, they are very possibly strict constructionist cows who see this as essential to a restoration of constitutional rule. I haven’t found any statistics to suggest that cows are more prone to philosophical idealism than any other farm animal, but indirect indications suggest that herd-associating ungulates in general and Bos Taurus specifically may actually believe in America and the Rule of Law every bit as strongly as we do. We may be very lucky if they make a surprise move to stampede the polls; we may owe them for saving Democracy itself. We ought to be proud of our American cows.

also, i think it’s interesting that there is a uw suicide club on facebook. i think it is even more interesting that everyone in it (that i can see) is asian.


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