my saturday

failed to get up in time to go to the ess field trip. in my half-asleep state, i was panicking slightly, as to the point where i was thinking rationally. there was no way i could get to the ess building in less than ten minutes, much less put my clothes on, grab something eat, brush my teeth, etc. the thought of spending three hours in a van going to central washington was the determinitive deterrent. i needed more sleep, so i feel back asleep for the second time that morning.

it looked like i would get the chance to register, i thought. i called my mom and we went to renton. at the elections office, i learned that my previous registration actually went through, presumably after i found that i was unable to check my registration status online. weird. i couldn’t remember my dorm’s zip code, so it looks like i’m going to the polls nearest to my house: cherry crest elementary. i went to school there, and i remember adults coming to our school on election day to vote. full circle.

my mom told me vote ‘yes’ on proposition 1000, the legalization of medical euthanasia. let’s just say, my parents aren’t shy about their mortality. a parent talking about how they’re going to die can be distressing to a kid, but i’m used to it… heh.

i went to the u-village and spent some quality time in barnes & noble until it got dark. i read ‘in the jungle’ by jim butcher, and i started reading ‘orpheus lost’ by janet turner hospital, which was really good.

spending time in bookstores is a favorite past-time of mine, i have found.


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