i am now an aspiring vegan

i think the only reason why i’m a lapsing vegetarian is because it’s really hard to find satisfactory food on campus that has good meat-substitutes. eggplant is an unpleasant one. but yeah. i don’t drink milk and i hardly ever eat eggs, or fish. i only cheat with ice cream and pastries, and a meat sandwich if the alternatives are unappetizing. damn, i don’t know if i can stop eating pastries. i really like scones. do scones have egg products?

i lost my pencil pouch last week, and i just realized that today. i have pencils and lead in there from 9th grade. it would have been nice to use up a full case of lead. oh well. i can indulge myself in buying new mechanical pencils. perhaps a pencil pouch, if i don’t install some slits in my backpack.

why do i have so many scabs on my shoulders/arms…

media-sharing… my hero is me has a new/longer version of their song ‘beautiful mind’, which i’ve always thought was beautiful. i found this excellent mashup of paramore’s ‘crushcrushcrush’ and linkin park’s ‘faint’ (which makes me think that the two songs were very similar to begin with).

my ringtone is now the intro of breakdown by tantric. i’m pretty happy about that.


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