not going to work doesn’t help my mood

i started reading my guantanamo diary by mahvish khan today. 130 pages.

interesting fact: only about 5% of detainees in guantanamo were captured as a result of CIA intelligence efforts. about 86% of them were brought down by afghan warlords and the such. basically, the majority of prisoners are there for bogus reasons. ridiculously bogus. habeas corpus is illegal, dammit.

i’m still on the line about choosing a major… is it possible to major in something that you a) are good at, b) find interesting, and c) is mentally stimulating, not stifling?

my cse 190 class is lame. i was embarrassed to be in a girls-only class. it was as annoying as hell, so much chatting; i wanted to drop it. who says being in a class full of guys is a bad thing? i could only complain about B.O.

finished my cse homework earlier than anticipated. had to do some trial-and-error to get through it, but it was only because of stuff like index +/- 1, and instance variables clashing with array-out-of-bounds exceptions.

paul begala on stephen colbert — hilarious.

c: [referring to the economic crisis] it’s like a problem in your sex life; it’s best just not to talk about it…
b: i’m a democrat, i wouldn’t know… see we make love, not war… apparently, my republic friends can’t do either… if you look at their track record in iraq… or afghanistan…
c: are you saying… are you claiming that the republicans don’t know how to screw anybody?


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