i can see how aprons are sexy

today during work, a girl came into the store to hide from a man who was harassing her out on the HUB lawn. i was told that the man was a DJ who wanted her to vote for him, and when she refused, he became threatening and started swearing at her. my supervisor encouraged her to call 9-1-1 to report the incident, so she did. the dispatcher kept asking her for her address, since apparently, “university of washington” and “hub / husky union building” wasn’t a satisfactory location description. come on, who the hell knows the street address of the HUB? (btw, i’ve been told that i swear too much at work. could get zinged for that) i don’t know why the dispatcher had such a hard time figuring out where the university of washington was, but it was about a full 10 minutes before the police officers showed up. that was pretty discouraging to see. they didn’t find the guy, of course, so they just gave her a ride home. note to self: this happened in broad daylight with lots of people around, so what the hell am i doing walking home alone after dark??

it would be pretty sad if i had to pay albert to walk me home… it would take him 20 minutes to find a building on campus after dark.

i’m really bad about eating square meals… i ate breakfast at mcmahon with my roommate and went back to sleep. a small soup for lunch, a muffin around 4, and a scone around 8. now my stomach is grumbling and i can’t focus on python no more.


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