chronicles of my first day of sophomore year, college

pretty awesome. i made two friends. the first of which is in my geology class, and i’m going to split and copy a coursepak with him. during my 2-hour break, i went to the on-campus bookstore and started reading the rape of nanking, which i’ve been wanting to read for a very long time. needless to say, this is some heavy shit.

i only read about 40 pages or so, but reviewing sino-japanese relations in the early 20th century made me miss history class. i thought that it was ironic that i was being distracted by spoken japanese in the bookstore just as i was reading about how the japanese government continued to delude its population that the rape of nanking even happened. the juxtaposition made me wonder if these japanese-speaking students were even aware of such an event. it occurred to me that this was the very language that instigated the war, masterminded the rape of nanking, and brainwashed the soldiers to carry out these crimes, and is still the language that fails to recount the crimes by its prior speakers in japan’s history books.

in other news, i made a friend at the salad bar of mcmahon 8 today. she’s the sister of a physics TA i had last quarter. very cool. i also caught up with some of my buddies in physics today.

work was good, but it’s so slow it’s practically the graveyard shift.

cool music: LiTaL


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