haggett makes me miss mercer dearly

i guess it’s the lack of amenities that disappoint me. unlike mercer, haggett lacks (ordered from most to least severe):

– lighting
– a ceiling light (haggett has this one puny thing on one of the six walls; mercer had a bad-ass rectangular thing in the middle of the ceiling)
– separate desk lamps (haggett has none; mercer had a long fluorescent tube for each person)
– well-lit hallways
– communal microwave/kitchenette
– loftable beds
– practice rooms
– separate closets (haggett is shared)
– dressers
– screens on the windows
– window blinds (i prefer blinds over curtains, especially since people can see into your room from the floor above)
– this means that privacy is all or nothing
– carpeting (though i could live without it)
– vending machines (i could also live without this)

mercer indeed resembled a dungeon, but i believe that it was due to the utilitarian design — now i can certainly appreciate its rigid simplicity. mercer also had all the additional features that a residence hall might benefit from — a kitchen downstairs, practice rooms, bright lighting, and cleanliness. haggett has the two basic amenities: a place to sleep and a place to shower. that’s all. it also has a funny smell. i mean, you can smell it in the hallway when someone has done a number two! both the hallways and the rooms are really dark. it’s hot, and opening the window invites large winged insects to come in, since there is no screen. i mean, a screen!

with that said, i think the bareness of haggett will push me to take advantage of the well-endowed features of the two neighboring dorms, mccarty and mcmahon. they have way too many perks. i am happy with what i’ve got, despite the lack of features.

with all things considered, especially after concerning myself with the matter of finding a roof over my head in new york city, i can certainly appreciate the fact that haggett serves well as a home base. i’m not complaining too much. mercer was just simply better. it suited my tastes better, i know that now. and man, the bus stops are so far away… = (

the freaking triangular corners were a designer’s nightmare to deal with, but i think i’ve conquered it.


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