my work schedule is insane

topic 1: my work schedule is insane

3.5 hours on mondays, tuesdays, wednesdays, and thursdays. mostly 5:30 – 9 pm. like, when the hell am i going to study? i admit, i was asking for a certain amount of masochism when i signed up for this job. my training is an hour before my first shift. how the hell am i going to learn how to make all that shit in that amount of time???

my dawgs volunteering stint starts at 6:50 am next week. dude, i’ve been *going to bed* at 6 am for the past three days.

topic 2: observing experience at MRO

a. the scenery around the observatory was beautiful. excellent sunsets. the one sunrise that i saw had green in it, due to the yellow and blue. the night sky was amazing. this was the first time that i’ve seen stars on a truly dark night, and i must say, it was so amazing that i felt a little agoraphobic. the milky was really something. the quietness out there was a little creepy.

b. no showering for four days… my hair felt pretty gross on the third day. spiders and cobwebs were everywhere and set me on edge. no internet. that’s about all that i can complain about.

c. we had a lot of spare time, since this observing run consisted mostly of checking on the computer, checking the sky for clouds, and checking the dome to make sure it wasn’t obscuring the telescope. during the run, we watched the first and only season of a show called ‘firefly’, which is really great. space western, funny, and heart-warming. i also watched ‘minority report’ and ‘return of the king’.

d. right now, i have been awake for 23 hours. i woke up at 2 pm on thursday, stayed up the whole night, cleaned up and closed down the observatory around 6, and arrived at UW around 11 am. i don’t think i’m going to sleep until tonight.

e. working with nick has made me realize how alienated i feel from the uw astro department. it’s not like the amnh reu, where the group was smaller, everybody was in the same boat and out to make friends, and there was no experience hierarchy. nick and i are definitely not on the same frequency, so interacting with him was often tense. for example, i felt stupid for saying “thanks for… showing me around and stuff” instead of the pre-meditated “see you later” when he said “thanks for coming along”. what was i supposed to say? when people say thanks and you don’t expect it, it throws you off!

topic 3: because there has to be a topic 3

interesting story: the front tire of the truck destroyed itself shortly after we got onto paved road this morning. this was sometime before 9 am when i was sure i’d be sleepy like i was on dope. after some searching, we found a spare tire under the back of the truck. we changed the tire. more accurately, nick did all the analyzing and brute work, while i assisted. for example, i found rocks on the side of the road to wedge around the tires and un-rotated the jack to its original position. i’m so useless when it comes to physical work. not being a strong girl sucks. sometimes i blame it on the fact that my body weight doesn’t provide enough leverage to, for example, unscrew a nut from a car tire (seriously, i’ve sat on the lever and nothing happened). sometimes it’s because my hands are so thin that the required force would peel my ligaments apart. it took me an embarrassingly long time to re-erect the crude fence. this involved getting my finger stuck between the loop and the post which resulted in a pretty bruise on my knuckle, and slashing my pants with barbed wire. good job, me.


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