it’s nice to look up the ingredients

psssssst instant spray shampoo ingredients:

– propane
– SD alcohol 40
aluminum starch octenylsuccinate: “Chemicals known to be neurotoxic to humans”
– butane
– isobutane
cyclomethicone: “non-biodegradable”
– fragrance.


i was originally going for a brand called no-rinse, which i believed to be environmentally-friendly. unfortunately, the main ingredient, benzalkonium chloride — which often acts as “antimicrobial agents in leave-on products (products used without water and that are not rinsed off the skin) — is unsafe, and consequently not much better the environment.

coming from someone who is eating oatmeal from a non-microwaveable bowl and who, after being told of the bowl’s non-microwaveable properties, continued microwaving her oatmeal past explosive proportions … i guess i don’t really care what chemicals do to me as much as what they do to the environment. it seems that whenever i’m in the market for, say, environmentally-friendly sneakers or an ethically-manufactured t-shirt, other people beat me to the punch. my parents recently bought me sneakers with no eco-friendly capabilities at all, and my cousin from taiwan sent me an awesome t-shirt. what am i to do? reject their gifts? i admit, the fact of the product’s existence pretty much pre-destines its fate, and there’s nothing i can do to undo what was done. everything we own will probably end up in the ground or the water. the questions are: for how long, and what kind of toxins is it leaking out? i know that i’m going to wear those sneakers as long as i can, but it still bothers me that they’re fated to eternity in the landfills.

i knew i should have bought my shoes in new york.

in other news, i predict that i will be very glad to leave the house tomorrow morning.

i think it’s pretty depressing how people contrive of chemically ingenious products to sell to people — make-up or plastic, for instance — and make a business out of it, but have no compunction putting toxins into the world.

see, it all begins with the toilet….


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