flying sucks

well, i’m back home.

flying from philly to seattle was definitely not a pleasant experience, just as flying from denver to new york was not. in both cases, i didn’t eat lunch and dinner, so i think the nausea resulted from a lack of meals rather than motion sickness. normally, i can handle turbulence, but the last time i flew, the turbulence was really bad, so i think that conditioned me to feel nauseous when i thought about eating on the airplane. ehh. i don’t like flying, except looking out the window and seeing all the amazing things like manhattan island and central park like a rectangular forest in a city, the burroughs of queens and the bronx… the rockies, the cascades, mt. st. helens and mt. rainier… the puget sound… the views make it all worth it.

i’m so glad the plane ride is over. i’m also really glad that i go to uw so that i don’t have to take the plane on a regular basis. whew.


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