errands and a paper to finish.

page 12 of 18 broke the printer. the boarding pass was still pending. -__- ha, and i was going to pat myself on the back for finishing my paper and remembering to print my boarding pass.

of all the days i could have come home late, it had to be my very last day. as i was stationed in east harlem. there were flashing lights and police cars in front of the super market down the street when i got off the bus. not sketchy at all.

i’ve been wrestling with not the paper itself, but latex for the past couple of days. my linux box didn’t want to connect to nettie’s wireless network, so it was difficult to work out the kinks beforehand. yesterday, i contrived the tedious effort of editing the .tex file in windows, ftp-ing the file to my dante (uw student server) account, ssh-ing into dante to compile, debug, and convert my file to .pdf, then re-ftp-ing the pdf back to windows so that i can view it without the use of x11.

i didn’t go shopping for cheap jeans or wacky t-shirts one last time; i didn’t get to read ‘the traveler’ at barnes & noble, nor purchase it to read on the plane. it doesn’t matter now because i will be working on my paper while on the plane. take that airplane, latex and linux don’t need no internet.

i love this string quartet tribute to ‘helena’ by my chemical romance.

man, the weather in new york has been beautiful this month.


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